…..in a blink it was snowing…..

I love the snow.  When my boyfriend told me we were not going to retire year round to my beloved Maine I was crushed.  My mind had been set for years to return home.  It was an interesting adjustment.  The first choice was to go to Texas as our daughter and her husband with two of our three grandchildren lived there.  When they returned to Missouri to be closer to her in-laws we still intended go to Texas as we had established a base there in the form of housing.

A few years ago, once again, my boyfriend shocked me with the idea of not retiring to Texas.  Mind warp!  The logical choice was then to return to the St. Louis area near our grandchildren.  He realized there would be snow though less than Maine on an average winter.  I told everyone we were geographical challenged snowbirds as we were heading southwest not south.

Well the weather will come whether you like it or not.  I was delighted when we got hit with 12+ inches of snow over the weekend.  I cleaned the house before it started so that I could just enjoy and snuggle in as it was coming down.  That is exactly what I did.  Unfortunately others had to remove the snow.

This is a pure example of our differing personalities.  I would have scheduled someone to come plow and shovel.  People younger should be doing this.  My boyfriend, being the independent male, believes he has to do this himself.  Snow removal was fine when our son was living with us to help.  When our son moved away I gifted, at Christmas, my boyfriend with a small electric 18″ bite snow blower.  One of my more romantic gifts.  We were living in Maryland at the time where we got very little snow in a winter and this machine did just the trick.  It did the same this weekend in Missouri. Very inexpensive Amazon delivered practical beats romance on occasion!  Have to also note Maine has very little snow this year.

Retirement is becoming more real.  I think that is the appropriate word.  Perhaps there are ways to prepare for this change in your life.  I can see physically, financially and practically.  All of which we did.  The emotional part of that I think takes a bit longer to sink in to each person.

Of course each person reacts differently to this change.  I have come to the conclusion that there is truly no such thing as retirement.  Porch sitting in a rocker, the proverbial image, just no longer happens.  I believe we are busier now only in different ways.  I have taken to referring to retirement as a transition.  Work doesn’t stop it simply becomes different.

Since our retirement in 2016 we have and still are in the process of remodeling our main home, added an addition to our small summer cottage, continuing to work in our ministry, battled cancer and managed a bit of travel.  Busy!  We are just now learning to relax and this snow was a pleasant gift to assure we were not running around all weekend.  Even in that we managed to attend a meeting via skype.  Truly we are blessed.

All that is so good I have to now share the downside of retirement which we have found thus far.  It is called Bingeing.  I am not talking food or drugs or booze.  I am speaking of TV.  I was blessed to marry a man who was not hugely into sports.  Being a movie buff, I was thrilled to understand he liked movies almost as much as I did.  Now with the ability to choose whatever you want to watch on TV we have discovered Amazon Prime and their movies and series.  When I first discovered through Roku that we could get all these delightful series I was interested.

Confession:  I did not watch Downton Abbey which was the BIG thing a few years ago.  Well, I found it via Amazon.  While construction was going on at our cottage in 2017 I watch all six seasons right in a row.  Be it good or bad I surely enjoyed not having to take any breaks of a week between the episodes.  I had discovered a new way to binge.  One that did not involve calories!

We are still doing that which leads me to the point of my beginning this blog today.

Bingeing on series has led us to a new one which takes place in Rhode Island called “Brotherhood”.  The downside I referred to is that we stay up way too late.  This morning, after the snowy weekend with a bit of bingeing, we did not awake until 8:30AM.  Truly this is unacceptable for both of us.  I believe I am behind before I begin.

Perhaps others who retire have a better handle on discipline.  My BF usually does.  I can see now after this latest disaster that we both will be pushing to get back to some normalcy of bedtimes, of life.  Perhaps this is all part of the transition others call retirement.  Luckily we can forgive ourselves as we are persons in process learning this new way of life.

Whatever this transition/retirement experience is, we are together, we are happy, working on healthy and in still crazy love.  We are open to wherever this new chapter leads us keeping God as Director of our own movie!




…..in a blink the year is gone…..

I was thinking about writing a New Years Eve blog then thought I bet I have done that before….and so I had. Today ending 2018 is pretty much the same as I did 2012 minus the laundry and decorations.  Both are staying around till next year!
I am not sure anything I have to add is any better than anyone else.   Let me simply share my 12/31/12 blog post.  What symmetry in those numbers!



It was red this morning when I got up.  ‘Red at dawning – sailors take warning’.  I heard that all my life with a Grandfather who was a Lobsterman and a Father who worked in Marine Hardware.  I wonder what kind of weather this day will bring?  I think I am glad that I have no plans for the evening.  I am going to try to talk the residents into going to see an early movie followed by some surf and turf here at home.  I am thinking shrimp and steak and it could end up being hamburgers and canned tuna!!!

I absolutely cannot believe that it is the last day of the year.  Where did 365 days go?  There really were 52 weeks that passed evidently with no dragging.  There actually were 12 months that seemed like more if you put the Presidential election in the mix.  Additionally four seasons passed as swiftly as a hummingbird flapping his wings zipping about.

I am one of those who like to watch the retrospectives that are on TV this time of year.  I usually remember most of what is shown though occasionally I pick up on something I missed.  I am also one who cries again at the people who have passed in the 12 months we’ve just lived.   This is a day we remember the ‘lasts’.  It will be the last time I write 2012.  Well unless I forget.  It will be the last time I – you?  What last will this be for you?

Resolutions come to mind at this point.  Many say it will be their last cigarette or last gooey edible treat as they are going to diet.  It may be the last time you start your day without exercising as you are starting a new program.  Do you make resolutions?  What I could find was that the Babylonians were the first to make New Year’s resolutions.  It was usually to return tools to neighbors.  Early Christians believed that the first day of a new year should be about reflection of the last and thoughts of improving in the coming year.  I do NOT make New Year’s resolutions.  Failure is not something I like so why would I set myself up for it deliberately?

I will be spending this New Year’s Eve day finishing up putting away the inside Christmas decorations.  I am planning on doing a last load of laundry as well as get some desk work done.  I understand that these objectives are well within keeping of the superstitions of New Year’s Day.  The information addict in me led me to the web to see what happens today in other places.

There are many superstitions surrounding this holiday.  In Spain one must eat 12 grapes as the clock strikes.  Each grape means a month of good luck.  In Finland they cast molten tin into a container of water.  The shape is interpreted.  I could understand the shape of a heart means a wedding.  A ship-shape means travel and a pig shape means food – who interprets the shapes?  Even better who has tin to melt?

Others are round shapes in the Philippines.  The shape represents coins so they have round fruits around or eat round fruits – grapes like Spain are the easiest.  Some wear polka dots for the shape.  In Brazil and Central America it is not the shape it is the color.  They wear special underwear!  Red means love and yellow means money!

It is activities/games elsewhere.  In Scotland they celebrate ‘Hogmanay’ which is the practice of ‘first-footing’.  The first person crossing a threshold  should carry a gift of luck – hmm usually whiskey!  Single people are told to leave a gift out side to bring it across the threshold first thing.  Since 1951 Japan has celebrated with a song battle with teams participating in sing offs.  The Japanese also laugh at the stroke of midnight to bring good luck with laughter.

In Belarus unmarried women are a focus.  Piles of corn are put before them as they are gathered in a circle.  A rooster is let go and the pile of corn he chooses means this woman will marry first.  Another game there is that married women hide things in the house of an unmarried woman and if she finds bread she will marry rich if she finds a ring she will marry a handsome man.

In the Netherlands they make bonfires of Christmas trees to signify the purging of the old and bringing in the new! The Greeks bake a silver or gold coin in a cake and whoever gets it gets good lick for the coming year.  (NOTE: if they don’t swallow it!)   In Denmark they jump off chairs to signify leaping into the New Year.

At the stroke of 12 tradition says we toast and kiss.  The toast goes back to ancient Romans and Greeks.  At functions in those days the host would drink the wine first to assure all that it was not poisoned, a common practice to do away with enemies.  Also a square piece of bread was added to absorb acidity.  This became known as toasting when all would drink together.

In the USA we all are accustomed to watching the ball drop in Times Square.  I saw the ball when I was there earlier this month.  There are other things that are dropped in this country.  I was amazed to discover just how many.  From my own experience living in the area I know of the copper acorn that was created in 1992 to honor the bicentennial of  Raleigh, NC.  Folks there are so many other things that are dropped you must go look.  It is hysterical!

A giant Peach is dropped in Atlanta, GA.  A Conch Shell is dropped in Key West, FL and an orange in Miami.  A Pickle is lowered in Mount Olive, NC at 7PM to acknowledge Greenwich Mean Time.  A Sardine drops in Eastport, Maine.  Pennsylvania had the most drops.  They vary from ping-pong balls, a beaver to a 100# stick of Lebanon Bologna in Lebanon, PA.  Check it out it is fun!


There things we are not to do on New Year’s Day so that means we must do them today.  Snopes.com has a whole list of these.  According to this list I cannot pay bills or do laundry or break things and I must have a full larder as the new year begins.  Another fun read at that website.  It also gave a list of foods that you  must eat on New Year’s Day.


I know in the south they eat black-eyed peas in hoppin’ john.  Lentils are a must have.  Pork is the meat as chickens scratch backwards and cows stand still only pigs root forward.

And of course there are the noise makers.  This is to scare away evil.  You are to fling open your doors as well to let the old year out.

As I write this all down I am filled with a sense of urgency that I must get to my day.  I have bills to pay, laundry to do, and shopping.  I have to go get the black-eyed peas, the lentils, the pork and a few things we really do need.

In case we do not get to the movies we will be able to bring in the new year with gifts of dvds from Christmas.  I can be watching ‘Serendipity’ or ‘Jane Eyre’.   Or for the more masculine  it might be ‘Muskie Techniques’ or ‘Muskie Hat Cam’!

Off I go to get this day and night covered.  I bid you a HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE.   Tonight know that I will flinging open the doors, making loud noises, jumping off my chairs in my yellow underwear while eating the 12 grapes (I wonder if a handful of raisins would qualify) then rushing to the garage to first- foot a gift I left there  into the house!  Let the festivities begin!


This year I guarantee I will not be jumping off chairs in yellow underwear!  These days of rain I am lucking to not ache getting out of the chair as Mr. Arthur-ritis visits.  Most of those other traditions will not be happening either I do not think.  
What I will do is be thankful that today I am caught up with most of my chores.  I am thankful for my family and friends.  I am thankful for good health.  I am thankful for good medical care.  I am thankful for the basics of food,shelter, love.
Tomorrow as we all start to write the first page of the next year/chapter of our lives/books, I personally will simply smile and count my blessings.  Thankfully there are too many to number.  God has been very good to me.  I hope my life honors Him.

…..in a blink it is still Christmas…

We had a lovely celebration of the birth of our Lord.  We are filled with thanksgiving this season.  We are certain the cancer will be gone when it is scanned in January as all has gone so well.  We have taken the first step in our true retirement plans to see this country by starting to stock the new trailer.  We must think of a name for it.  The old one we simply called the “TT” for “Tiny Trailer”.  Will have to work on that.

I have seen and heard of people packing away their Christmas decorations already.  Not telling anyone what to do or casting any aspersions on the actions.  For us Christmas last twelve days until Epiphany.  The actual day is January 6th.  It is when the Magi got to the Manger and saw Jesus for the first time.  In our minds we have celebrated the birthday and are still celebrating till the last guest arrives and leaves.

As I write this it is the 4th Day of Christmas.  In the 12 Days song it is 4 Colly birds or anglicized to calling birds.  Instead of calling 4 people with the chance of annoying them I think today I will write 4 notes.  An old way of calling!

Once again rather than rewrite this info I am sharing from my old blog.  Please take time to enjoy the joys of this season right until the very end.



…..in a blink understanding…..

I do not normally write 2 blogs a week anymore.  Yesterday I forgot to add any medical info.  All is going well on that front with radiation completed January 4th.  The other thing I did not add was any retirement info and that too is moving forward with the delivery of our new travel trailer.  It is safely in storage until we leave on our first long trip next year.  The other thing that has kept me thinking since I posted is the tears pushing me to post again questioning the why so much emotional at Christmas time?

I remember no sadness in my early Christmas celebrations.  Just lots of happiness and sharing the day with family and friends.  I know when sadness came at age 13 changing some traditions.  I know how we tried hard to make Christmas happy that year until real happy times returned only to change again when I was 24. Then I truly began to understand the highs and lows of emotions that can rule our lives.  For those like me who tend to carry their heart on their sleeves it is hard to control emotional tears at times.  Golly many would say I should not even be discussing emotions as I should just ‘stuff’ them.  I cannot as I am feeling compelled to talk about it.

The tears at Christmas time I believe are a mixture of joy and sorrow.  It is like those two normal emotions are chemicals tossed into a beaker.  Add the extra ingredient of a happy loud fun Christmas to the mix and they bubble and overflow.   It is hard to know which feeling will rule at which time.

If you are like friends of ours who lost a child tragically, or others who lost a mother or another who lost a father, or are separated due to family angst this year, the tears come easily.  They may sit inside your being like a lump in your throat.  It has to be hard for them to be happy this time of year missing loved ones?  My heart breaks for all of those who are sorrowful.

If you have people you know who are fighting addictions your heart breaks.  If you have people who have afflictions your heart breaks.  If you have people who are living in anger or fear without finding help your heart breaks.  If you are a human with empathy for others your heart breaks.   Sad tears flow.

If a you are blessed to be able to celebrate with people who have returned like soldiers from the field or family who have traveled from a distance to be with you then your heart soars.  If you have new life in your family your heart soars.  If you are celebrating a renewal of health your heart soars.  Happy tears flow.

See what I mean?  This time of year more than any I believe hits us with a mixture of feelings and overflowing emotions.  The mixture of happy and sad, breaking and soaring. I believe my tears are from a feeling of being overwhelmed with all of this happy and sad.  The overwhelmed feeling can be described as that overflow of a chemical beaker.  Perhaps it looks like a volcano leaking lava down its sides.  If I had to assign a color to this feeling it would be purple as it is deep, a bit dark.  Purple is the mixture of red, a hot color and blue a cool color.  Both hot and cold, happy and sad.  Purple is used often for royalty in a deep rich velvet.  Royalty, isn’t that interesting.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of a king.  I am humbled to tears by what this baby lived to do while also filled with the sorrow of Easter to come.  So there it is.  What I need to remember is to live in the joy of today with love, empathy and prayers of understanding for those who are in sorrow trying to make the best of this day.  Letting my emotions overflow with tears of compassion helps me to answer to the why for myself.  Thanks for allowing me to explore.


…..in a blink a Christmas Tree Nail…..

It is two days before Christmas and all through the house…..I have actually been banned to the basement as a Christmas tradition is taking place upstairs.  My boyfriend is recording the Christmas song.  This is one of our newer traditions begun in 1997.  He records a song that has meaning to him regarding our marital relationship.  They are lovely and usually make me cry.

He started off with Clink Black’s “Something That We Do”.  It is a great song and there really is no chorus so I will share a link.  It is worth the listen.(1)  It basically says Love isn’t something we find, or have, are in, or words we said, or a place to fall it is ‘something that we do’.  Think it is still my favorite though love his recording of Garth Brooks, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” too  Each year it is a mystery as to what he picks. All this leaving me now downstairs in our rec room with a Christmas movie on high so I cannot hear any of the words upstairs to know what song I am going to get this year.  Now the dilemma is to get them all from cassettes…yes cassettes…to a CD.  Last year I bought a converter to do that yet still have to figure out how it works!

This time of year inevitably finds me in tears for weird reasons.  Someone could simply drop a hat.  Many of my Christmas memories are not great.  I also cry easily.   In fact when I was blogging daily in 2012 I focused on all sorts of traditions surrounding the holiday to bring interest and joy.  I wrote a blog linked below about traditions. (2)  It was fun to find out that there are traditions around a pig, a robin, a tabby cat, an icicle, a mushroom, a pickle, a rooster and more.  I found out way more than I anticipated.  One tradition I knew, and we do in our tree, is putting a nail symbolizing the nails of the cross in our tree to remind us why baby Jesus was born.

Which brings me to the reason for the season.  Of course it is a birthday party and why we, in our house, sing Happy Birthday before we place Jesus in the manger Christmas morning.  This year rather than thinking about the baby I have been thinking about his mother.  I have ever been in awe of her decision to say Yes.

Before I go any further I must say that I have no problems being a literal believer of the Bible.  Others can say they are stories, interpret them, try to reason how they could or could not have happened scientifically and to me it is simply too much to do all that.  It is simply easier for me to believe it happened as written.  If our God is as limitless as we are to believe than anything is possible.  Also I believe we are told to come to him like children  in Mark.  In Luke he says the Kingdom of heaven must be received like a little child.  In believing the word I am probably a little child – good or bad.  Back to Mary.

Mary, even by her days morals, was taking a leap of faith with her Yes. The Bible says in Luke 1:3-…

“The angel said to her, “Don’t be afraid, Mary; God has shown you his grace. 31 Listen! You will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus. 32 He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of King David, his ancestor. 33 He will rule over the people of Jacob forever, and his kingdom will never end.”

She , still really a child, was being asked to believe that there was an angel before her.  She was asked to believe she would become pregnant without being with a man.  She was asked to believe she was to have a boy.  After all it is 50/50 chance. She was being asked to believe that this child would be great, called the Son of the Most High, be given a throne and rule over a Kingdom.  Now really think about that.  This woman was 16 it is said.  Could you as a 16 year old have made such a profound choice about your life?  I know I couldn’t.  At 16 was making many not great choices which could easily be verified by looking at my report cards.  Yet she said Yes to believing all that was said would come true.

I sometimes cry when I think of Mary.  I am humbled, feeling insignificant by comparison.  She was so very brave.  Her choice must have looked pretty glum to her when Joseph found out.  Even ‘glummer’ on the eve of her baby’s birth with no place to go.  I wonder if she had any second thoughts?  That we do not know.  What we do know is she gave birth to a baby who became our Savior Jesus Christ.

What must she  have been thinking or experiencing?  In church this week we were told Mary is a sign of hope for us.  Golly wet eyes again.  The reality of the message cannot be lost.  If Mary can live on faith, with hope, what in the world makes our struggles not workable?  It does not lessen our struggles.  It simply puts them into perspective.

Struggles may large or small.  They may be families not getting along, marital issues, distance issues, the loss of a job, loss of a friend, loss of a loved one.  There are as many struggles as there are people in the world.

I believe I am an emotional empathic person.  I know I am passionate and have lived many of these struggles at one time or another.  My heart breaks for any who live them now thus the tears. What is the answer to all of this?

My tears normally bring me to the simplest of answers.  I eventually turn to prayer as I know this is the best way to fix the situations.  Prayers allow me to return to calm and peace and hope.  There you have it the full circle.  The nail in the Christmas tree.  The hope of a 16-year-old girl.  The celebration of this season.  The birthday party joy.

I know that,  “All the days can’t be shining bright All the nights Something to remember”. (3) I know that highs and lows are ahead as sure as the nail followed the manger and Easter follows Christmas.  I remain in awe of that 16-year-old filled with hope.  Remember she was filled with hope carrying the reason for this season.

Rest assured if I know you, you are in my prayers especially now.  I offer her prayer for any having a difficult time right now.  While this is considered a Catholic prayer, it is in the Bible so thinking maybe all faiths may enjoy it!

Hail Mary, full of grace.
Our Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.

tree 2018The recording is done, the TV volume down.  Time for hot cocoa and maybe a fire in the fireplace!





(1) http://www.songlyrics.com/clint-black/something-that-we-do-lyrics/

(2) https://ktsquaredtreasures.wordpress.com/2012/12/24/christmas-eve-gift-some-christmas-legends/

(3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNVs6Y0kyXY

…..in a blink it IS later…

Before I go on to my notes for today I need to mention something. My last posts was not to elicit sympathy. Kind comments are ever welcomed.  I simply think that to be true to oneself we must share the highs and lows. I did!

Today I was going to write about slowing down for the holiday.  There is much to do for many of us.  I decided to look back at other Decembers on my previous blog to see what I had to say.  I came across the following and it seemed to fill the bill  It was written Dec 9, 2013.  Read on as I find it interesting how little has changed?  My fruitcakes are done and rumming this year as well!!!



The list at this time of year is ever long.  Plus there are many different lists.  There’s a Christmas card list, shopping list, gifts list, decorating list, party list and each of you can fill in the blanks for the lists you have in your hands.  Baking is on my list as well.  The fruitcakes are done and rumming up so that only leaves the cookies to bake.  I am waiting to see if a little helper might be found around the 20th!

How many times have you gone over your list and said “I’ll leave that for later.”  When is later?  Does it ever come?  When does later become now?

It came to me this morning, on a cold snowy one, that later is hard to find.

“Mom can I talk to you?” “Later.”

“Dad can we play catch?” “Later.”

“Will you please call me”” “Later.”

“Can I get that recipe?” “Later.”

“Will you send me that_______?” “Later.”

“Can we play a game?” “Later.”

I think you get the picture.

We need to remove later from our vocabulary.  The word serves no purpose.  It takes no action.  It simply delays a response.  It puts off purpose.  I can clean that later.  I can vac later.  I can iron later.  I can give you a hug later.  I can call you later.  I can play later.  I can _________ later.  Later does not come.

When was the last time someone said it is later I am going to do my chores.  It is later and I am going to write that letter, send that email, make that call, give that forgiveness, send that loving note?  Later never arrives as when we are doing those things it is the now.  Why do we even have the word later?

The word later exists so that we can put off something we do not want to do right now.  We cast aside as we are too busy?   Too disinterested?  Too into our own activities?   I do not want to deal with you right now so I will tell you later.   I do not want you to interfere in my life so I will ask you to call or visit later.  Later can be too late if it does not become now.

Saving for a rainy day also enters into this concept of later.  I am the first to say that preparedness is very important.  We need to save.  We need to prepare.  The question of later in this instance is how many of us are saving for later and not living now?

Last night I heard a voice filled with tears sharing the news of the illness of a dear friend.  This sweet girl was told not to visit now and to wait till later.  My response to her was later may be too late and she needs to go now.  Last week several of my friends lost family members and had family who were ill.  I prayed for them all right then not later.  All of these of course were the inspiration to write today.

I wrote a few posts back about no man being an island.  Same concept only more personal.  Do not wait till later to do what you want to do.  Do not wait till later to share your life.  Do not put off that visit.  Do not put off that phone call.  Do not make a list and not work at it.  Do not live a life of good intentions without action.  Do not wait to forgive an injustice.  Do not wait to tell someone you love them.  Do not take time to play that game.  Do not wait till later.

Later never comes.  Now is ever present.


To my facebook friend David Cook….praying for your healing here or after graduation…


 …..in a blink mood change…..

HEALTH: Radiation starts next week.

I spent yesterday on the verge of tears most of the day.  Had no idea why.  Perhaps it was a phase of the moon?  All is well in our world.

I have not wasted a lot of time thinking of the mood for the tears.  I have by nature a changeable personality.   One minute I am as organized as any professional.  The next minute I am distracted and off on a tangent in a totally opposite direction.  My ‘boyfriend’ deserve a purple heart for living with me all these 50 years.

The painter is here this morning turning the living room into my signature color, Morning Sun Yellow,  from whatever awful taupe-ugly brown paint that was on the walls when we bought the house 3 years ago.  It was a great paint job – lousy color choice.  At least it was for me.  If you are depressed you might love to live with this color.  It was dark and dreary.  When you need a light on in your house at 10AM there is a problem.  By the end of this day our living room will be radiant.

This particular time of year, specifically November and December, I believe wraps all of us up in the joys of following family traditions and memories of holidays gone by.  With us having already had a snowstorm I think we jump-started the season which adds to the excitement.  Perhaps the emotion behind the teary mood is the celebration ahead?  Or lack of snow now?

I loved Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I can remember holidays from my childhood just like it was yesterday.  One Thanksgiving my sister and I made Pilgrim hats and read poems.

Growing up we had Christmas traditions too.  We had no fireplace so our stockings were hung on a sill at the top of our stairs to our second floor. I guess we thought Santa came through the chimney to the attic and down the opening to the house.  One Christmas we tried to stay awake all night long to see if Santa came.  I bet I got out of bed 100 times that night to see if they were filled.  Never caught the Big Guy!  However at one of the last wakings the stockings were full.

None of that answers my dilemma of what made me so weepy. I wondered if it might not be getting out the Christmas cards knowing that some will not be sent this year as there is no recipient due to their graduating to heaven?  I wondered if it had anything to do with my father not being here, yet it has been 4 years?  Or about our celebratory 50th anniversary river cruise being canceled due to the cancer that joined us this year?  Was it my boyfriend being sick in general which I judge one of the most unfair things we have faced?  Was it from a conversation about delayed choices?  Why the tears and melancholy?  Were my aches and pains so bad yesterday?  Since I cannot find an answer, am okay today,  I am chalking it up to the change in the weather or someone simply dropped a hat somewhere.

I have no idea why? I am too busy to fret over it. While I think it important to be in touch with our emotions, I’ll take a leaf from Scarlett’s book and worry about that another day.  For now, I know that I have the power to move beyond weepy to choose to live in joy by making a decision to do just that.  As Anne Frank is quoted as saying, “Today I choose to be happy.”  I do.

I think I will go check the process of revitalizing our living room from gloom to glow to help bring happiness to my eyes!  I think I will make a cup of cocoa to being warmth to my body.  I think I will count my blessings to bring happiness to my soul.  VOILA – tears pushed aside for joy to reign again.